AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 2 NOT AVAILABLE THIS TIME
to Oct 30

AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 2 NOT AVAILABLE THIS TIME

Practitioners 5 Days
Certified by ASIACT for 30 hours
Pre-requisite: Aura-Soma Level 1 Training Course

Course Content:

Each day there will be hands-on practice creating an AuraJin session with color and each of the above Esoteric information systems.

•  Energy Number Spirals Each of the 26 portals resides on a Spiral of Energy, which closely relates to the Chinese meridian system. Learn how to assess the appropriate color portal combinations to create a session which will modify and balance particular situations. 
•  Create an AuraJin session from an Aura-Soma Equilibrium 4 bottle Selection The student will be able to determine the primary colors, and numbers and learn the process of how to develop a session specific for their own and clients. Expand mini self help practices.
•  Tarot Unit The student will be able to develop a series of flows by utilizing the Tarot and the Tree of Life.
•  Resonance Unit How is it that there is a resonance between color and number; how does this apply to all 107 of the Equilibrium color combinations; how there is inner energy dialogue between the portals
•  Astrology Unit Specific Zodiac signs and planets resonate with each of the portals. The information about the quality of these will deepen the understanding of AuraJin portal. The student will be able to create a series of portal combinations to harmonize the qualities of the stellar influences. 
•  Chakra System Unit The principal of unity within duality. How to view complementary colors. The AuraJin Portals color combinations in what chakra meridian.
•  The AuraJin Practitioner and the AuraJin SessionLearn the precepts of AuraJin: How to listen to the client; How to determine the most appropriate flows; How to deepen intuition.

Tuition: $775.00
Deposit: $350 by Oct 1

AuraJin Practitioner Program-AuraJin Level 1 & 2.  If attending both courses and tuition is paid in full upon completion ofAuraJin Level 1, Tuition for both Courses: $1100.00

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AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 1-Rescheduled for 2018
to Apr 22

AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 1-Rescheduled for 2018

  • West Sacramento CA 95605 (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Introduction to the Hand-On Practice of AuraJin - 3 Days/18 Hours
Certified by ASIACT as a Renewal Course for Aura-Soma Teacher & Practitioners
 No Pre-requisites Required

Course Content:

• In depth study of number and color and the body locations of the 26 AuraJIn Portals.
•  Create hands-on sequences by determining a clients number and color signatures.
•  Practical assessment skills. Knowledge and training to increase intuition.
•  Daily practice using touch, breath and the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen. 
•  Learn how to see the appropriate portal/points choice from the clients Aura-Soma 4 bottle consultation.
•  Learn how to create AuraJin mini sessions from chosen Aura-Soma Equilibrium Color Combinations to provide on-going support for yourself and/or your clients.  The AuraJin mini-session provides an opportunity to interact with your clients for the entire time as they are using each of the 4 color combination choices from their Aura-Soma Consultation.

Student will receive Certificates from AuraJin and ASIACT Renewal for 18 hours

Tuition: $450.00
Deposit: $220.00
Practitioner's Program-AuraJin Level 1 and Level 2
If attending both courses and tuition deposit is paid for Level 2 upon completion of AuraJin Level 1,  Tuition Fee for both Level 1 and 2 Courses: $1100.00

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Prayer Flag Workshop
11:00 AM11:00

Prayer Flag Workshop

Since time began, people have set their intentions to travel on the wind by tying strings on  twigs and hanging miles of colorful flags. Join us with your intentions and wishes for the world around you and the world within. Together we can create and play with colorful cloth, paints and stamps, buttons and jewels to create brightly fanciful and wish filled prayer flags. So much fun creating together. Always the thoughts I started with are transformed by this process into insights that reminds me of a time within long forgotten. Join us for community, fun, childlike play and creativity.

All supplies provided. If you may have an old favorite piece of clothing or anything you would like to use to embellish your flags bring them. Prayer flag making is the ultimate opportunity to repurpose almost anything!

Contact Elizabeth Clinton at to join us and for further information

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Aura-Soma Level 3
to Mar 7

Aura-Soma Level 3

Senior Teacher Carol Klesow will be presenting Aura-Soma Level 3 in Santa Rosa, CA

Contact Aura-Soma Practitioner and Organizer - Elizabeth Clinton to confirm your space. Elizabeth Clinton <

Carol Klesow has been presenting the three  Levels of  Aura-Soma for 20 years. Carol's goal for this Level 3 Course is to facilitate each students integration of the teachings of Aura-Soma color consciousness into every day life. 

 "The greater guide is within you", Vicky Wall

The principles of color and number are the doorways through which we will explore the esoteric wisdom systems of Tarot and the Tree of Life. The Archetypes within these systems offer useful and practical solutions for our clients, ourselves and for deepening our consultation skills which we will practice each day. We will explore the Masters Sequence, Equilibrium #50-64 to understand how the experience of each color reveals the potentiality for human experience and the birth of Equilibrium #65-Violet/Red. Vicky Wall said of #65, "Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth and middle moving free." 

We look forward to seeing you at Elizabeth's Eden. The beauty and openness at Eden creates space for the emergence of new ideas, fun and the deepening of friendships with oneself and others.. 

  Tuition: First time students-$750.00 includes Level 3 Aura-Soma workbook and ASIACT Certificate.  Renewal students-$550.00 includes Practitioner Renewal Certificate. (Workbook, if needed, is an additional $50.00) Lunches and snack provided for all students.

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