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AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 1-Rescheduled for 2018

  • West Sacramento CA 95605 (map)

Introduction to the Hand-On Practice of AuraJin - 3 Days/18 Hours
Certified by ASIACT as a Renewal Course for Aura-Soma Teacher & Practitioners
 No Pre-requisites Required

Course Content:

• In depth study of number and color and the body locations of the 26 AuraJIn Portals.
•  Create hands-on sequences by determining a clients number and color signatures.
•  Practical assessment skills. Knowledge and training to increase intuition.
•  Daily practice using touch, breath and the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen. 
•  Learn how to see the appropriate portal/points choice from the clients Aura-Soma 4 bottle consultation.
•  Learn how to create AuraJin mini sessions from chosen Aura-Soma Equilibrium Color Combinations to provide on-going support for yourself and/or your clients.  The AuraJin mini-session provides an opportunity to interact with your clients for the entire time as they are using each of the 4 color combination choices from their Aura-Soma Consultation.

Student will receive Certificates from AuraJin and ASIACT Renewal for 18 hours

Tuition: $450.00
Deposit: $220.00
Practitioner's Program-AuraJin Level 1 and Level 2
If attending both courses and tuition deposit is paid for Level 2 upon completion of AuraJin Level 1,  Tuition Fee for both Level 1 and 2 Courses: $1100.00