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Color & Aura-Soma
• Color is a communication
system from consciousness
• The colors which attract you speak of your Beings needs
• Color tells me what is being communicated without words
• The Equilibrium Color combinations are
“little angelic computers”

Mike Booth,
Principal of Aura-Soma and the Art and Science International Academy of Color Technology, UK. (ASIACT)
writes about AuraJin

“All consciousness, while in physical form, is grounded in the physical base and so all states of consciousness are dependent upon our physical form. The correlation that Carol has made between Jin Shin and Aura-Soma is profound and in absolute harmony with the quality that is one of the formative principles of Aura-Soma."

Vicky Wall as the founder and innovator of Aura-Soma, said that “the greater guide is within each one of us”.

Carol in the integration of these two wonderful systems, brought this principal to the fore”.

AuraJin Carol Klesow
Recognizing Spirit in Matter

AuraJin is the fusion of
Aura-Soma Color Energy &
the Body's 26 Numbered Portal Vibrations.

• Color and number are the fundamental
organizing principles of the universe.
• AuraJin modifies consciousness through the practical application of the principles of Color and Number
to the body using touch and light.
• AuraJin is a self help art to “remember yourself”

In the Company of Truth
Consciousness Grows


Carol Klesow's class schedule updated!
A special one day AuraJin Experiential being offered
August 22 at Mayacamas Retreat in Calistoga, California. View the Aura-Soma® Courses Newsletter

Ananda Ma's latest 2012-2013 course dates

AuraJin Chart
Color Energy and Number Vibration Chart



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Number & the Body
• Number creates form & sets order
• 26 Jin Shin portal vibrations
• 26 letters of the English alphabet
• 26 weeks from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice
& 26 week to return
• 22 paths on the Tree of Life
& 4 worlds, 26.

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