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AuraJin Practitioners Program Level 2 NOT AVAILABLE THIS TIME

  • West Sacramento CA (map)

Practitioners 5 Days
Certified by ASIACT for 30 hours
Pre-requisite: Aura-Soma Level 1 Training Course

Course Content:

Each day there will be hands-on practice creating an AuraJin session with color and each of the above Esoteric information systems.

•  Energy Number Spirals Each of the 26 portals resides on a Spiral of Energy, which closely relates to the Chinese meridian system. Learn how to assess the appropriate color portal combinations to create a session which will modify and balance particular situations. 
•  Create an AuraJin session from an Aura-Soma Equilibrium 4 bottle Selection The student will be able to determine the primary colors, and numbers and learn the process of how to develop a session specific for their own and clients. Expand mini self help practices.
•  Tarot Unit The student will be able to develop a series of flows by utilizing the Tarot and the Tree of Life.
•  Resonance Unit How is it that there is a resonance between color and number; how does this apply to all 107 of the Equilibrium color combinations; how there is inner energy dialogue between the portals
•  Astrology Unit Specific Zodiac signs and planets resonate with each of the portals. The information about the quality of these will deepen the understanding of AuraJin portal. The student will be able to create a series of portal combinations to harmonize the qualities of the stellar influences. 
•  Chakra System Unit The principal of unity within duality. How to view complementary colors. The AuraJin Portals color combinations in what chakra meridian.
•  The AuraJin Practitioner and the AuraJin SessionLearn the precepts of AuraJin: How to listen to the client; How to determine the most appropriate flows; How to deepen intuition.

Tuition: $775.00
Deposit: $350 by Oct 1

AuraJin Practitioner Program-AuraJin Level 1 & 2.  If attending both courses and tuition is paid in full upon completion ofAuraJin Level 1, Tuition for both Courses: $1100.00