AuraJin Portal Glow Affirmation Cards

Who are you talking to?? What do you have to say?? 

Take the Time to 

Look until you See and Listen until you Hear.


AuraJin Portal Glow  #19 holds the energy of Aura-Soma Red/Purple. Portal #19 is located at the outer side of the elbow. Hold to release daily fatigue from shoulders and arms, release burdens.and increase confidence.


Be of healing service in the world and remember to stand up for yourself and be your own testimonial so that the Sun at the center of yourself is able to shine brightly bringing you a continuous supply of energy. 


What is an AuraJin Portal? 

A specific location on the body that is a passageway where your awareness and hands   become receptive to the dialogue between your spirit,  life experience and physical body. There are 26 AuraJin Portals on the left and right sides of the body and they mirror each other.  The dual color Glow of the Portal informs our consciousness through the specific color energy and number vibration. 

What are AuraJin Portal Glow Affirmation Cards?

Through universal teachings made simple, each Affirmation Card has a dual colored glow on one side and a one sentence poem on the other. Each of the 27 AuraJin Affirmations Cards reflect the formative principal and functionality of the energy of the #1- 26 AuraJIn body portals locations, their colors and numbers. The # 0 Affirmation Card resonates with the universal energy which surrounds each human being receiving and disementing our individual life energy. 

The AuraJIn Portal Glows resonate through their color and number with the wisdom of Aura-Soma, The Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The AuraJIn Portal Glows are linked by their body location and number to Jin Shin Jyutsu. 

Distilled into a practical SAY OUT LOUD affirmation, each AuraJin Portal Glow opens the  gate through a specific  color realm  into the garden of who you are. You can change how you talk and listen to yourself, gain awareness and  provide an access to the teacher within.